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"Bluebottle actually started as a small surfboard producer. I was shaping surfboards in the garage while working on my Ph D in humanoid robotics. Given my interest in robotics it didn't take long until Bluebottle shifted attention from producing surfboards to producing software, CNC-machines, and laser scanners in order to help other surfboard producers improve their business. I later started working as a test leader and data scientist at an e-commerce company and quickly got passionate about test automation and big data. After five years I felt it was again time to take the gained knowledge and help other companies to improve their business. Since 2017, Bluebottle is my full time occupation, and while I still make an occational surfboard and machine, the main focus is now test and analytics services." - Jonas Hörnstein, founder of Bluebottle AB.


Do you need to improve the productivity of your existing team or an extra hand to get the project done before dealine? We offer mentorship/coaching programs and can alco actively participate as a member of your test or analytics team.


Since the start in 2017, Bluebottle has already provided hands on courses in Web analytics, Test automation and Test methods for approximately 100 students. Contact us if you are interested in a custom course for you and your team.


We love open source projects and develop many of our tools in-house. We have deep knowledge in most common programming languages such as Python, R, Java, C# and Javascript

Test services

Agile methods and continuous integration/devlivery has increased the need for test to be involved early in the development life cycle. Test driven development (TDD) and Behaviour driven development (BDD) both focus at writing test cases even before starting the development, with increased focus on test automation. However, not all tests are suitable for test automation. At Bluebottle we are experienced in both manual and automated test development and can help you with getting the right mix for your company.

Analytics Services

We provide a wide range of analytics services, from following up marketing campaigns using tag management and standard Google Analytics reporting, to more advanced multi-channel analytics gathering data from a wide range of sources and presenting BI insights, and even complex tasks such as segmenting customers and providing personalized campaigns or product recommendation through machine learning algorithms. Examples of application areas:

Web Analytics

Collect data from a wide range of data sources such as Google Analytics, databases, and log files. Learn the pattern in each source and provide insights about trends and anomalities.


Collect additional qualitative and quantitative data from your customers or within your organization to measure customer or team satisfaction and provide deeper insight.


Segment your visitors and provide improved customer experience through personalized campaigns, search results and product recommendations.

A/B Testing

Make sure your site or marketing campaign is performing as intended by executing automatic tests and monitorization.

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Test and analytics


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